Daniel Angelus – So Far

daniel-photoDaniel Angelus is a visual and music artist from the United Kingdom. Developing music from the age of 18, Daniel is well known for creating stirring and emotional soundtracks to personally crafted lyrics. He has also created short films and performances under secret pseudonyms and uploaded them to YouTube.
After working with multiple music artists and opening shows for the likes of the super massive popular electro act Hot Chip in 2015, Daniel is set to release his Debut full length LP ‘Miracle Dark’ on August 19th 2016. A powerful and emotional soundtrack crafted by Daniel Angelus & producer David Emery supports a series of emotional stories from Daniels life from losing his father at 14 years of age to getting divorced from his long term partner at 28.
A dark gothic tone accompanies all of Daniel´s visual and music work.
Daniel is also known as the popular gaming personality ‘DANGELUSRAWKS’ whom can be found on the popular streaming site Twitch and in uniquely shot vlogs on YouTube. A high energy and often personal approach to gaming with regular stops for roleplay of all kind with his stream team has amassed a cult following with over 11,000 followers supporting Daniel’s Twitch channel and his YouTube content generating huge interest worldwide thanks to a very open and artistic approach to a new form of entertainment.

so-far-photo-para-fczI recently had the pleasure to direct and produce (together with Daniel) his latest music video So Far, starring Spanish actress/dancer Inma Chopo and Merrick Wells which will screen on January 19th in Zaragoza (Spain) at ProyectAragón Film Exhibit.

Check it out here: