Sadie Duarte is a film director, producer, screenwriter, author, freelance journalist, translator and teacher. She holds a BA in English Studies (Literature and Linguistics), an MA in Hollywood and British Cinema and an MA in Film Directing and Production of TV Shows.

Award-winning artist, Sadie Duarte has eleven literary and academic awards and three novels published by Libros Certeza (http://www.certeza.com) : Alas Para Soñar, Souls of Fire/Almas de Fuego (in English and Spanish) and Recordando Bethlem.

Sadie Duarte also works as a freelance journalist for online magazines like Punk Globe (Los Angeles – USA) and FilmArte (Spain).

As a filmmaker, Sadie Duarte shot the musical drama DMUS in 2015 and recently produced, directed and edited British singer Daniel Angelus’ music video So Far. She also shot the melodrama Quizás un Día (Maybe Someday) in 2016 and Blown Away (Enchufados) in May 2017. In the last few months, Sadie Duarte has already won 11 international awards for her three films.


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